On your web browser goto www.libraries.sa.gov.au and you will see the page opposite. On the right side of the page is a yellow box name lynda Library. Click on this box to take you to the next page.

You are now at the login page click on the red letters LOGIN HERE….

Now enter your Library Card membership number, it always starts with an X and also your pin number in the yellow boxes, and click on LOGIN

You are now at the selection page of Linda Library, you can either click on the word LIBRARY at the top of the page and select your program from a drop down menu, or type a name such as WINDOWS to see a selection of lectures relating to windows.

As an example of tying in WINDOWS in the search area this is a sample of lectures. Generally the newest lectures are at the top. In this instance “Switching from Windows 10 to Mac is the latest entry (maybe that tells us something). A couple of entries down is “Computer Literacy for Windows 10” and later still “Windows 10 Administration” as well as “Migrating from Windows 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10”. The last one should also apply to Windows 7.

Try a number of lectures all are free to watch and with Unlimited downloads from Escapenet data is no problem. As always, have fun….