How To Clean Up My Email

Unsolicited emails are becoming very annoying these days, email addresses are being passed around and even sold by various groups with no regard to whether or not you want to see what they are selling.

As Gmail is the most popular form of email server, I will start with them. By going straight to the server, you stop the unwanted emails from being sent to you, which of course means less data is being sent on the Internet.


With your browser just type GMAIL into the address bar as shown on the image and press return.

This will take you to the index page and click on the top link, Gmail – Google

The next page you should see is shown, simply enter your EMAIL address and press the NEXT button.

You will then be asked to enter your PASSWORD, and press SIGN In

Once you are signed in, you will see the main email page with your emails on the right and your email boxes on the left.

At the far right near the top you will see a cog wheel icon with a small triangle next to it. Press on the cog icon. A drop down box will show, one of the options is settings, click on settings.

The Settings screen has a menu near the top one of the options is Filters and Blocked Adresses

You will then see the image on the left. to the right side you will see in blue text Create a new Filter click on this link.

The next image page will allow you to create the filter. This has many options From, To, Subject even block an email by certain words in the body of the email, you can see I have just used the From filter, This will block any emails from comming to my computer. Near the bottom right of the page will be Create filter with this search. Click on this link.

This page will ask what you want to do when this email is found. The image shows I have clicked on Delete It. Then click on the blue Button  at the bottom of the page, this will create the filter and take you back to the settings page.

This will now show the filter you created. Now you can click on Create a new filter, or if you are finished making filters simply click on Inbox on the left side of the page.

Each time you get an unwanted email, just repeat this exercise, that email will be deleted by Google mail.

Next up will be the email client THUNDERBIRD